How We Roll:

Articulately designed to evolve the way you roll, The Rolling Spoon is sure to help you roll a pearl everytime.

-Scoop your herb with the spoon, make sure to distribute it as evenly as possible as this truly effects the even-ness of the burn.

-Use the straight edge to even it out even more after you scoop it onto your paper.

-Roll it up gently and be sure not to squeeze your herb snake too much!

-After rolling, tamp down the end of your rollie with the poker end.

-Collect extra material off rolling surface with straight edge and use the push it into the edn of your roll. Then poke her down again.

-Finally, use the patented joint locking tip to fold down the excess paper

Viola, you've rolled a dime. Enjoy your sesh!!

P.S. Pack your bong's bowl piece with the spoon too!! Keep your hands free of stick. The spoon is one versatile baddy.

Rock 'n' Roll